Our service is provided 100% for free.

We actually pay you for using our service.

The prices you see online for flights, hotels, cars, and more all have commission built in. 

So by allowing us to plan/book your itinerary we receive the commission and pay you 20% of it!

Some suppliers give us travel agents the opportunity to increase commission on certain bookings.

At FreeTravelAgent.com we do not ever increase the commission.

We pride ourselves on having the most competitive prices.

Give us a call or please submit your itinerary here.  By booking with us you will pay the same or cheaper than doing it yourself, also you’ll earn 20% commission which no one else is offering.

That’s what we’re here for! An expert travel agent will put together the absolute best itinerary within your allotted budget.

Once we’ve put together your itinerary we’ll go over it with you to make sure everything perfect.

Viola! Your done, we’ll monitor your flights, reservations, etc. And communicate any updates!

FreeTravelAgent.com receives 80% of the booking commission from your trip.

We give you 20% of the commission we receive!

Each supplier is different as to when they pay the commission. (Some as soon full payment made, some 60 days after check-out)

Rest assured, as soon as we receive the commission from your trip we will send your portion within 1 business day.

We can send commission via ACH Transfer, PayPal, Zelle, Cash App, Or Venmo.

In the rare occasion where you find a massively discounted rate, we are able to price match!

Plus the 20% commission you’ll receive, makes it a better value.